YO  -----------

I’m a London-based british designer, working at Phantom

MY BAG  -----------

Graphic design
Art direction
Concept and strategy
Wireframes and prototypes
Team management

MY STORY  -----------

Born in York, raised in Oxford and attended University in Leeds

The route to where I’m at right now is varied and interdisciplinary. I've always loved street art and graffitti. Whilst studying (BA) Visual Communication at Leeds University I practised animation, illustration and character design. In my final year I moved more into layout and print design. Now digital is my bag.

When I moved to London I started off working at a record label designing record sleeves. I soon moved into Advertising and worked at a couple of agencies both big and small. After tiring of the traditional-old fashioned agency approach I searched long and hard to find an agency who were all about the craft and creativity, passion and drive. I found Phantom, and haven’t looked back since.


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